Intern Spotlight

Angela Simmons and Antonio Armstrong

How long have you both interned at Affirmations?

AS: I started my field placement in August of '16.

AA: I’ve interned at Affirmations for the last nine months.

What made the both of you want to get involved with Affirmations’ internship program?

AS: My initial interest came from personal connections with the LGBTQ+ community. Lilianna Reyes conducted my interview and I knew the moment we started to talk that Affirmations was going to be an amazing opportunity!

AA: I wanted to work within a program where I could advocate for a population that I was ultimately familiar with.

Why is Affirmations important to the both of you? Do either of you have a favorite memory about your internship?

AS: Affirmations is important to me because it offers a safe space for everyone. The most rewarding part of my time with Affirmations has been the hours that I have spent at the Welcome & Resource Desk. It has provided me with an opportunity to meet some amazing people and have great learning experiences through their willingness to connect with me.

AA: My favorite part of my internship has been designing my own program and seeing it through until the end. Because I have seen the effects that this place has on people, I know that every time I come into Affirmations, I am changing lives.

What are you truly passionate about?

AS: Outside of my time at Affirmations I volunteer for Teacher’s Pet, an organization whose core message is “Dogs and kids working together”. They pair at-risk youth with shelter dogs for skills training. I also spend a lot of time with my family and enjoy spending time outdoors. It’s interesting because all of these experiences represent connections to me and those connections are very important.

AA: The Black Lives Matter Movement. Just like my LGBT identity is important to me, so is my identity as a black man. I cannot fight for equality as an LGBTQ+ person and still force systematic oppression as a black man. “All Power To The People!”

Intern Spotlight

Meet Angela Simmons and Antonio Armstrong!

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