LGBTQ+ Education and Learning Labs
  • Affirmations offers LGBTQ+ sensitivity and diversity training for settings such as healthcare, schools, and business. The training content is highly tailored to specific organizations needs and includes LGBTQ+ terminology, culturally sensitive language, and forms of address and action planning to increase organizational sensitivity. The center also consults on policies, procedures, paperwork, and intake processes.

  • Want to get your organization fully trained to help every employee reach their full potential? Contact Becca Budde at or call (248) 398-7105.

  • “Blue Cross Complete of Michigan was pleased to host Affirmations and their Program Services Director Liliana Reyes at our Southfield office. Reyes presented our staff with a two-part training about the LGBTQ population, including health care issues and disparities within the LGBTQ community. Reyes’ expertise and knowledge captured our associates' attention and her openness to answering questions helped everyone learn. As a Medicaid health plan, we strive to be a culturally competent organization when engaging with our members and the community and having these type of trainings and partnerships with an outstanding organization like Affirmations, helps to do so.”
    -LaTara L. Steele, MSA
    CLAS Coordinator, Blue Cross Complete of Michigan

  • "Lilliana was awesome. She was engaging and so educated! One of the best conferences we've had. The discussion was much needed, and she was the perfect moderator."
    -Gipsa Joseph, M.D.

  • "I was so glad to get the chance to hear Lilliana speak. She really clarified some of the finer points of providing quality care to trans patients and was a very engaging speaker."
    -Erin Miller, M.D.
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